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SFCOLAB Newsletter 👨‍🌾👩‍🌾 | 19-02-2024

SFCOLAB stood out among 1309 applications as a finalists with one of the most promising and innovative projects in Portuguese agricultural scene. The awards ceremony took place on 7th February at Quinta da Pimenteira in Lisbon.

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SFCOLAB Newsletter 🛣️ | 22-01-2024

In December 2023, SFCOLAB installed the final Technological Pilot for integration into a Digital Twin as part of the DigiFarm2all project. With this milestone, a journey of over 5,000 km was completed in 2023, from north to south of mainland Portugal.


SFCOLAB Newsletter 🤖 | 12-02-2024

SFCOLAB made its first appearance at WorldFira, considered the main fair for robotics in the agricultural sector. At this fair, held from February 6th to 8th in Toulouse, SFCOLAB represented all its Associates and also highlighted some projects, such as...


SFCOLAB Newsletter | 08-01-2024

The year 2023 was a period of significant affirmation for SFCOLAB and a restructuring of its activities in favor of agricultural digitization.

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