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The SMART FARM CoLAB create solutions to the challenges of climate change, digitisation of the Agriculture and the development of circular economy adapted to medium-and small-scale farms.

Generate knowledge and solutions of advanced technological level in the wine, fruit and horticultural sectors, able to respond to the fundamental issues of the economy of the territory in the national context and with international scalability.

Wants to be an European Reference in Digital and Sustainable Agriculture in the Three Sectors.


Develops Sustainable Production Strategies.


Introduces Innovative Techniques for the Eficiente Use of Resources.

Promote increased scientific and skilled employment as well as skills related to digital agriculture

Fostering applied scientific development and market-potential innovation through the strong link between Academia and business

Develop educational plans and training to prepare professionals for precision farming (short, medium and long term)



Enhancing internationalisation and international partnerships in the sectors

Raising awareness of small and medium-sized agricultural units on the importance of agriculture 4.0 to increase economic benefits while boosting Sustainable Production and Efficient Use of resources


Undertake fundamental agricultural research that supports the provision of services and the effective development of applications to support sustainable production


Conduct applied research in the field of Robotics, Low Cost Sensors (IOT), Decision Support Systems and Machine Learning for the implementation of Agriculture 4.0, through services and projects

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