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SFCOLAB - Smart Farm Collaborative Laboratory

The Collaborative laboratory for the Digitalisation of the Agriculture

The SFCOLAB is a private non-profit organisation owned by private companies, research organisations, and universities, targeting applied research (TRL5-8) and services  for the digitalisation of the Agriculture and addressing the current challenges of climate change, farm digitalization and circular economy.

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Production Quality

Food Safety

Control of Pests and Diseases

Efficient Use of Soils

The research and innovation agenda will be focused on the smart use of resources to create smart products using smart equipment, and decision tools. Advanced agricultural machinery solutions can help farm holdings – regardless of their size – to operate in a
profitable, competitive and sustainable manner.

Research Anchor


This Research Line aims to maximize the added value and potentiate the National generated horticulture, fruticulture and viticulture products accordingly to the present paradigm for sustainable farming systems and consumers demanding

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Fruit Stand


Smart Decision System (SDS), aims to develop an ecosystem of applications (apps) to support the decision-making process of the stakeholders in the agri-food sector of west region, that includes the production areas of horticulture, fruticulture and viticulture.
The SDS will use heterogeneous sources of data (e.g., sensor data, drone (UAV and UGV) images, weather information, etc.) that are stored and processed in a cloud environment in order to produce automatic actions in different actuators, such as  irrigators, fertilizers, etc.

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The SMART FARM CoLAB aims to develop a Sustainable Resource Management framework integrating precise maximization of key resources (including soil) usage efficiency, towards neutral carbon and zero waste farming systems resilient to climate changes (SMART USE)

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Plant & Irrigation System


The main goal is doing Research and Innovation activities about SMART Intelligent Farm Machinery to support precision soil preparation, seeding, crop
management (fertilization, crop protection, and irrigation), and harvesting.

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SMART farming requires SMART monitoring. The primary goal  here is to research and develop multi-modal data collection, merging and integration systems, and support farm operations decisions. This research line serves as a perception layer and data source for SMART APPLICATIONS and SMART PRODUCT, and also makes use of the SMART robots from SMART MACHINERY.

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Thanks for your interest in our research. Get in touch with us for any questions or comments regarding our work and publications. We’d love to hear from you.

Quinta da Almoinha
2561-191 Dois Portos, Portugal

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